How Michelob & I got together… Part 1

In some ways, Michelob & I had a boring dating relationship. In other ways, it’s a story of suspense and drama. I guess it just all depends on your perspective.

We attended the same church for almost 3 years before he took notice of me. The first time we met, he probably said “hi,” and I probably said “hi” back. But it wasn’t memorable. In fact, I don’t remember anything about it. (Sorry, but it’s true). Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought about him twice if I never heard him sing.

Michelob has a beautiful voice.

I’m not just exaggerating just because he’s my husband now and it’s obligatory for me to support him. REALLY! One of the church leaders calls Michelob the Asian Chris Tomlin. AND, he not only sings, but plays the guitar at the same time. I personally think he sounds like Bebo Norman ( tenor, mellow, smooth, like a Lindt chocolate truffle. Ironically, he wishes he had a voice more along the lines of Derek Webb (, whose voice is scratchy, slightly whiny, rough.

Anyways, so during the 2+ years I have a small crush on Michelob because he sings in front of the church about once a month. His voice melted me in a pool of oooh and ahhhh. (very descriptive, I know). Flash forward to my senior year in college. Michelob asks me to be on his worship team for one Sunday. He said he just needed someone to play keyboard; I was kind of flattered that I was asked by Asian Chris Tomlin to play with him (imagine Adele asking you to be part of her band). Michelob and I have mutual friends, but he didn’t hang out much with the college-age kids much because… he was older (in grad school at the time). It’s not cool for a grad student to hang out with younger kids, same as in high school.

Did he hear me play in his band, then instantly & passionately fell in love with me? Shnopes! He didn’t really even blink an eye at me. So I took things into my own hands. When Michelob had a birthday party at a local pizza joint, I found out and invited myself. He was surprised to see me, but welcomed me anyways (he’s a nice guy, what can I say?). But honestly, not much happened after that. I started thinking about graduation and leaving Atlanta. And he, well, I’m not sure what he thought about back then, but it sure wasn’t me!

Nothing happened until a series of fortunate happenings/coincidences (aka coinky dinks) led us to be alone in several long car rides. Alone, at night, in the romantic sketchy & bumpy streets of Atlanta. Stayed tuned for how Michelob fell for Leethebee!


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  1. ok – we need to arrange for michelob’s worship team to lead on a sunday we’re back in atlanta. susan and i want to listen to the voice that won your heart!

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